Twinkie Guy

The other day I noticed a car driving around putting papers in the mailbox. I thought "Oh great, more junk." I sat down and waited for them to make the rounds and come back and put it in my mailbox. I saw them coming toward my mailbox. I noticed that they were not putting them in every mailbox. They would skip some. They did drive up and put a paper in my mailbox. I was not the skipped one. I went and got it out of the box, well actually there is a slot below the box for papers, they put it there. I took it inside and opened it up to read it. It had a lot of grocery store advertisements. One for for Shop 4 Less grocery store. On the back they had a big Twinkie guy to color. If you turned it in, they judged it and the winner gets a $25 gift card for Toys R Us. They were even going to have the Twinkie guy there. Now your talkin......I have never see the Twinkie guy. I had Sean color the picture. I got a box of Twinkies and it had the Twinkie guy on it so we made it the same colors. I showed him how to shadow and highlight the picture so it made it look like the picture on the box. It came out rather good. We drove over to the store and handed in the picture. They taped it up on the wall. The Twinkie guy was walking into the store when we walked up. I took a picture of him with my son. They even gave up 3 Twinkies. Cool. We didn't win the coloring contest, they didn't call us.


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