Skywatch Friday...... Cloud Rabbit

I was looking at clouds and thought this one looked like a rabbit.   We were traveling so I took it out the car window.  I found all kinds of cloud shapes, but I like the rabbit cloud the best.

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Watery Wednesday #10

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It is Watery Wednesday. Today is cold, it was 18 degrees this morning. I put my camera in the car and went to take a picture of water.


My son called home and said he forgot a book so I had to drive to school to take him the book. I just slipped my little camera into my pocket and when I drove back home I stopped the car beside the road to take a picture of this little bit of frozen water.


Twinkie Guy

The other day I noticed a car driving around putting papers in the mailbox. I thought "Oh great, more junk." I sat down and waited for them to make the rounds and come back and put it in my mailbox. I saw them coming toward my mailbox. I noticed that they were not putting them in every mailbox. They would skip some. They did drive up and put a paper in my mailbox. I was not the skipped one. I went and got it out of the box, well actually there is a slot below the box for papers, they put it there. I took it inside and opened it up to read it. It had a lot of grocery store advertisements. One for for Shop 4 Less grocery store. On the back they had a big Twinkie guy to color. If you turned it in, they judged it and the winner gets a $25 gift card for Toys R Us. They were even going to have the Twinkie guy there. Now your talkin......I have never see the Twinkie guy. I had Sean color the picture. I got a box of Twinkies and it had the Twinkie guy on it so we made it the same colors. I showed him how to shadow and highlight the picture so it made it look like the picture on the box. It came out rather good. We drove over to the store and handed in the picture. They taped it up on the wall. The Twinkie guy was walking into the store when we walked up. I took a picture of him with my son. They even gave up 3 Twinkies. Cool. We didn't win the coloring contest, they didn't call us.



Baby Bunny Rabbits

I was outside cutting the dead leaves off of my tomato plants and cutting the ripe tomatoes on the vine. Some of my pepper plants were leaning a lot so I got some plant spikes and hammered them in the ground and tied up the pepper plants to help them stand up. It was hot. It had not rained for a couple of days and some of the pepper leaves looked like they were droopy, so I decided to water the garden. I got the hose out and sprayed it down.
Now on the side of the yard we planted 4 pine trees and then bushes all the way down the yard. I decided to water the trees, they are close to my garden. I spayed one close to me and then I sprayed the next one that was close to a gate that my husband put up. I was just standing there aiming the hose at the base of the tree. All of the sudden something ran out really fast and hit the fence and then ran over to the gate and squeezed next to the wood, it's little feet poking out. I thought it was a mouse or a rat. It was brown in color. I yelled for my husband to come and see what it was. He finally heard me and came out and got a stick and touched it. It backed into a corner. It was a tiny baby rabbit. I then walked over to the tree and another rabbit was under a tree beside it. There was a bunch of pine needles all piled up under the tree I had watered and there was a very tiny baby rabbit laying under the pine needles. There were 3 baby rabbits total. The one that ran, kept running off. The other two just lay under the tree all day long. I read that the mother rabbit comes back at night to nurse them.
Yesterday my husband saw a rabbit run into our yard. He said it was by my garden. I didn't want a rabbit eating my garden. I ran out there and saw the rabbit running off. It ran out of my yard. That must have been the mother rabbit. I don't think she ate my garden. She was just there checking on her babies. They must not be very old because I water those trees about once a week.
I got my camera and took a couple of pictures of them and a tiny video. I hope the mom rabbit comes back and takes care of them. The Internet says they come back at night and call the babies. I just looked out there and the babies are gone. They must go hop around at night. Click on the video, you can see them real good. They are so cute.


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